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The following list represents landmark cases in the various areas of intellectual property law jurisprudence:

I. Copyrights

A. SubjectMatter

  1. Altai
  2. Lotus
  3. Data East

B. Derivative Works

  1. Midway

C. FairUse

  1. Lewis Galoob
  2. Micro Star

D. ReverseEngineering

  1. Sega
  1. Lasercomb

F. Direct Infringement

  1. Religious Technology
  2. Cartoon Network
  3. Capital Records
  4. Amazon

G. Contributory and Vicarious Infringement

  1. Napster 2. Grokster 3. Perfect10


  1. Reimderdes 2. Chamberlain
  2. 17 USC 512

II. Patents

A. SubjectMatter

  1. Bilski
  2. Alice

B. Novelty/Nonobviousness

  1. Netscape
  2. Lockwood

C. WrittenDescription

  1. LizardTech

D. BestMode

  1. Fonar
  2. Magnasoft

E. Design Patent

  1. Ex Parte Donaldson

F. Foreign Jurisdiction

  1. Microsoft

G. Patentability

  1. Amazon

H. Infringement

  1. Interactive Gift
  2. British Telelcom
  3. BMC

III. Trademarks

A. Compatibility

  1. Creative Labs
  2. Sun

B. Lockout Devices

  1. Sega

C. CyberSquatting

  1. Panavision
  2. Bucci
  3. PETA
  4. 15 USC 1125(D)

D. Metatags

  1. Brookfield
  2. Welles

E. Pop-up Advertisement

  1. 1800

F. Keyword Advertising

  1. Rescuecom 2. Hearts
  2. Playboy

G. Gripe Sites

  1. Lamparello

H. License Issues

  1. V ernor
  2. Softman

I. Shrinkwrap Licenses

  1. Step Saver
  2. ProCD

J. Clickwrap License

  1. Specht

K. Contract/IPBoundary

  1. Vault
  2. ProCD

L. Open Source Licensing

  1. Jacobsen

IV. Jurisdiction

A. PersonalJurisdictionOnline

  1. Cybersell
  2. Zippo
  3. GTE
  4. Yahoo

V. TradeSecrets

A. SecrecyRequirement

  1. Rivendall

B. Disclosure

  1. Data General

C. Misappropriation

  1. Software Artisans

This concludes our list of the top intellectual property law cases is modern history.

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